8th Grade Parents Needed to Make Civil War Day a Success 

Friday, May 24th is Civil War Day for 8th graders, a great half-day event where students experience a little of what it was like to be a soldier during the Civil War. Students construct a tent camp, write letters home, play games, march, drill and participate in a mock battle. This is a memorable event, and one that requires a lot of parent volunteers — and that’s where you come in.
Please sign up!!


Key Upcoming Dates:

4/25 – Incoming 6th grade Info Night
4/29/5/3 – CAASPP Testing (Volunteers Coordinated by PTA)
5/6-5/10 – 7th & 8th Grade CAASPP Testing
5/7 – PTA Staff Appreciation – Events #3 and #4
5/7 – PTA Exec Board Meeting at 7pm in Staff Lounge with New Board Members
5/10 – PTA Staff Appreciation – Event #5
5/14 – 8th Grade – Volunteer Ammo Making Night for Civil War Day from 7-8pm in MU
5/17 – PTA Association Meeting and 5th Grade Welcome Coffee in WCI Library at 8:30am
5/24 – 8th Grade – Civil War Day (Volunteers Coordinated by PTA)
5/31 – 8th Grade Graduation Party – PTA Sponsored in MU from 6:30-8:30pm
6/4 – 8th Grade – Grad Picnic at Heather Farms 9am-2pm (Volunteers Coordinated by PTA)
6/4 – 7th Grade – Byzantine Bazaar (Volunteers Coordinated by PTA)
6/4 – 6th Grade – Greco Roman Day (Volunteers Coordinated by PTA)

Link to Weekly WCI Announcements and Club Info

Each morning at WCI, announcements are read to students over the PA system. This document is available on the WCI website so you or your students can look up club meeting dates or other information from home. All Clubs are supervised by an Adult.