Upcoming Events:

8/12: First day of school – For Registration Info go to: WCI 2020-21 Registration Webpage

8/19: PTA Association Meeting 9:30 am (Virtual – Please RSVP)

Staying in Touch with eNews!

Please be sure to enroll in our weekly eNews publication and identify your child’s graduating class so you can receive grade-specific communications throughout the year.  Newsletters are published weekly on Wednesdays.

WCI PTA Membership Toolkit

Like all of the elementary schools in the Walnut Creek School District you can manage your contact information, access the student directory if you are a PTA Member, as well as process waivers and make purchases using Membership Toolkit.  To register or check on the status of your account or  go to:  wcipta.membershiptoolkit.com

  • If you have an incoming student – please wait to enroll in Membership Toolkit until the School Registration Opens.
  • Log in
  • From the “My Account” appear second from the right in navigation bar, you can scroll down to access all forms pertaining to your account and see previous order information.
  • 2019-20 accounts will roll over to the new year in July.

Have a question?

Please refer to our Contacts Page.  We look forward to seeing you soon at our upcoming Association Meetings:

8/19: PTA Association Meeting 9:30 am (Virtual – Please RSVP)