Local PTA Advocacy for Children and Youth

PTAs are responsible for taking action on local issues originating in school districts, cities, regions, or counties. Laws enacted by local, state and national bodies are primary sources of public policy. Securing adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth is one of the purposes of the organization. Therefore, PTA maintains an active legislation program. PTAs can and must participate actively in the process through which public policy decisions are made.

—Excerpted from the California State PTA Toolkit, Section 4.1


Register to Vote this November 2018!

As an advocacy organization, PTA encourages all those eligible, to have registered and to vote in the November 6th election.
Go to: and type in your address to learn non-partisan information on which state candidates and measures will be on your ballot.
Even if you missed the voter registration deadline, it isn’t too late to vote.
To register up to and on Election Day, go to your county elections office or another designated location, and complete three simple steps: Register, Vote, Seal & Sign your Ballot.
Check here to find locations where you can register and vote at the same time – all the way up through Election Day.


California PTA Advocacy News:
California PTA has taken as stand on Proposition 5.  Click here to learn more:
Click on to learn more about how our PTA network in California is working to secure the engagement of families in our schools and to stabilize funding of public education.