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Volunteer – Walnut Creek Intermediate PTA


There is a common misconception that there is nothing for parent volunteers to do at WCI. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are dozens of opportunities for parents to get involved.

  • Contact the PTA VP of Volunteers Connie Regalia ( to discuss opportunities that fit your skills and schedule.
  • Watch the weekly eNews for opportunities and follow up with the contact name/link listed
  • PTA meetings
  • Hospitality
  • Library Assistant
  • Parent Ed Topics
  •  Fundraisers
  • Health & Safety
  • Adult Social
  • Adult Social
  • School Site Council
  • Grade Level Social Studies Activities
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Strategic Planning Team
  • Chaperones: Social Events, Skate Nights, Field Trips
  • Office Support
  • Email Database Management
  • Legislative Representative
  • eNews
  • Community Coordinating Council
  • School Directory
  • PTA Nominating Committee
  • Technology Team
  • WCEF-K12 Site Team
  • Social Media
  • Website Maintenance
Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours!

Have you volunteered here at WCI this year or over the summer? It’s important to report your hours so that they may be compiled in this year’s report. State PTA compiles these hours and uses them in their advocacy efforts for schools and children. Please send an e-mail to the WCI PTA Historian Tanya Rogow ( with your name, phone number, your child’s grade, the number of hours you volunteered, and in what capacity.